Polityka prywatności

Status quo: 1.9.2019

For the use of our app and website it is necessary to process a multitude of data. On the one hand you are providing us with information for instance with the creation of your account, on the other hand these information are collected to be able to offer you our service.

The protection of your personal data is one of our primary objectives. The processing of your data is based on the given regulation of the law (DSGVO, DSG 2019) and only in the context of our company activities. Now we would like to inform you how your data is collected, for which purpose it is used for, who we might pass on the information and the legally options you have.

Responsible for data processing
Responsible for your personal data:
Sodomkova 1558/12
102 00 Prague
Phone: +420- 226 200 356

If you wish to know about the processing or if you want to exert your rights (see below) then you can turn to this contact.

Anonymous usage statistic

Every access on the app and every demand of content will be recorded by this app. This serves an internal and systematical purpose e.g. maintenance and debugging as well as a statistical purpose for instance to messure which content is populare and which is not. Recorded are: name of the demanded file, date, time of the demand, transferd amount of data, report of an successful demand, client and requesting domain. From that given data it is not possible to conclude the person behind it.

Processing of personal data

Personal data are information and data which indicate personal or objective circumstances of you or a third person and create a possible relationship between these information and you or a third person.

We claim and use your personal data insofar as it is necassary for the provision of the app. If not explicit stated your personal data will only be saved on your electronical device, not on FREYTAG – BERNDT.

With the initially use of the app you have to sign up a new account. We will collect all personal data (Information like name, adress, e-mail, pictures, profil describtion, billing data) that you provide us with. We will use those information for the fulfillment of the completed user agreement.

We safe your data until you decide to delete your account and as far as we need to save your data for legally reasons (e.g. tax regulations). After the legally periode is over your data will deleted permanantly.

All data which accumulate by using the app will be saved on your electronical device. Those can be e.g. your choosen tours, the progress of your tours, favorits, your added pictures, textes and commantary.

If you upgrade on the PRO-version and/or buy chargeable content from the app store then the bill accounting will be handled by Apple App Store, Google Play Store or others. We do not gain any bill accounting information from you.

Your data will be visible for you at the menu – account of the app and portal in the website phonemaps.eu.

You have the controll over your personal data. Generally no third person has access to your personal data.

Sometimes we show you sponsored content from our partners. These partners will just get anonymous statistics over the interaction with users sponsored content. A conclusion to you is not possible. We will never sell any personal related data for addvertising or marketing reasons to third parties.

In order to keep our app up-to-date the content will download from our server everytime the app is used. Therefore it is for technical reasons necessary to transfer the IP-adress from your electronical device to the server. However, we will not link this IP-adress with the definite ID of your device.

Within the app we use the location of your electronical device on different places; you have full control by turning this setting on or off (therefore please look at App-Authorization).

This includes for instance broadcast your position on the map, sort guides and tours by range or the position of pictures on the map. The location of the device (we only identifing the device not the person behind it) will only save a recorded track from us for further using. This will occure when you press „Save“.

A safed tour (track maybe with pictures) will only be saved if you do not share it with ohter active users, pass it on to yourself or put it online on social media.

If you delete a tour on your smartphone or your portal, it will includig all personal data (user recocnition, ID of your device) irreversible deleted. Every information which is connected with it (pictures, textes, commantary) will be deleted as well. A restoration of what was deleted is due to technical reasons not possible.

If you share or make your personal based data public then we can not assure the complete control over your data anymore. If you share a tour, which make it public, then it is visible for everyone on the internet at phonemaps.eu. Generaly these tours can not be marked as yours because they are collected in an anonymous account. However, if you send a tour directly to another user, then that person is able to identify every other tour that you have shared and made public already even under the anonymous account.

If you have shared a tour then other persons can pass on these information or use for themself. That means that the tracks and pictures which were made public from you can also be used und passed on by that person after they got deleted.

We are working with your data (e.g. textes, feedback, GPS-tracks) to constantly improve our app. That only happens anonymously without any personal relations or after we got rid of the personal data.

Delete your own tours on „PhoneMaps.eu“ or delete the app completely off your phone then every personal data will be irreversible deleted of your phone or the portal if it is not agreed differently or required by the law. Usage data which werde made anonymous, for instance to be prossesed for statistical reasons, will not be deleted because those data can not be linked back to you anymore.

If it is required through a legislation, a judical or administrativ decision or to beware our interests we will pass on a sufficent amount of data to banks, legal representatives, accountants, auditors and tax advisers, courts, administrative authorities, tax authorities, collection agencies and suppliers.

App Authorization

By downloading this app you enable it to gain access on the following functions:

Wihin the app you can upgrade it to the pro-version and/or buy single paid content like guides. The app will demand an in-app-purchase from you if you decide to upgrade it or buy available content. You must carry out every purchase one by one. The transaction will be done by the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or other providers.

b) Location
Like described above this app uses your location. The server will only transmit your location if you save a recorded track.

c) Pictures/Camera
The app needs this authorization so your are able to make pictures and add them to your record. The app will not access media, data or pictures which were not produced within the app.

d) Notifications
The app needs authorization to send you information about the service and about news e.g. a new available guid.

e) Wifi-Connection
This will be questioned to find out if the app uses a connection through the mobil network or the wifi. Offline maps with huges amount of data will only be saved on the device through wifi. In order to asure this feature the app needs to know the connection. There will not be any information like networrk ID transfered to the server.

Location of the Data Processing

Your personal data will be saved within the European Union and with precautions loss, change and disclosure prevented.

In order to provide you with the offer of the app, we are also using third providers (offer processor). We assure, per contract, that these third providers are handling your personal data only like our private policy is describing it.

Your Rights

You have the right to get information about your own data from us. If you think that we are processing your data inappropriatly or your data are not (anymore) correctly then you are entitled to delete your data or limit the processing of it. That means we are only allowed to save your data but not use them until the clarification of the problem. Exept we are entitled by you to do so or we are legaly entitled for instance to practice our own rights. Furthermore you can make an opposition against your data processing if you think that we are not allowed anymore to use them. For that please turn to the following adress: phonemaps@phonemaps.eu.

If you want to withdraw the agreement about the data processing or have an opposition then as a consequence we will delete your data insofar as we do not need to save it for legal or any other compelling protective reasons. If you withdraw the agreement then the legality of the data processing until that time will resumee untouched. You have the right to receive your own personal data in a normal, structural, computer generated form.

If you believe that your data is not used like the legal requierments is describing it then please contact us. In most cases your issuee can be solved in a private talk immediately. You can also get in contact with the data protection authority for your complaint.
www.dsb.gv.at, phone: +43 1 521 52-25 69, e-mail: dsb@dsb.gv.at

We reserve ourself the rights to keep this Privace Policy up-to-date to change it according to our offer and the feedback of your users. The date of the last change will be visable at the top of the document. Please check the Privace Policy reguarly to be aware of the newest version.