Mapy na papierze ekologicznym

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Waterproof - Tearproof - Ecological paper

Hiking maps in map scales 1:25 000, 1:50 000 and 1:75 000 from Edition PhoneMaps. Hiking maps contain marked hiking and cycling routes and other tourist infrastructure and information. Maps are printed on inovative ecological paper which is eco friendly, recyclable, waterproof and tearproof and is ideal for outdoor activities. Maps are connected with app PhoneMaps where users can download and use detailed hiking and cycling maps from whole Europe for free.

Eco paper

In order to produce a metric ton of traditional wood pulp papers, an average of four metric tons of wood chips is utilized, which is the equivalent of felling approximately 23 large trees. We are using paper which is pulp-free without needs to cut trees.

Unlike traditional papermaking methods, papermaking methods to create this type of paper does not require copious amounts of water to rid of the acid, alkali and bleaching agents which are used extensively in traditional paper manufacturing process.

Papermaking processes of this type of paper does not emit toxic gas.

This type of paper can be recycled by converting used paper into paper pellets. Paper pellets can then be used in the production of new paper or be used in other reycled plastic applications. In contrast, traditional methods of recycling pulp-paper is a complex process which requires water for further bleaching processes resulting in waste water which needs to be treated.

Paper production has many environmental certificates including ISO14001 Environmental Policy.




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